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Healthcare Logic is committed to developing software that helps clinical and managerial leaders improve the performance of their hospitals.

Having worked in strategic health improvement for almost two decades across five countries and three continents, founder and CEO Martin Connor is driven by the remarkable fact there is no international standard definition of the appropriate data required to operationally manage a hospital.

Our software has changed that and is already being used in more than 60 hospitals where it is optimising performance in areas such as Outpatients, Surgery and Theatres, Endoscopy, Emergency Departments and Inpatient Bed Management.

Too much hospital reporting is not interesting, let alone important. The question we constantly ask ourselves is - can we get an action out of the data we are producing? If the answer is no, we throw it out. If it is yes, we keep it and get ready to take action.

In search of a solution to many of the global challenges facing hospitals, we have created a common language that is helping solve the dilemma of capacity, demand and process and showing there is a simpler, cheaper and better way.

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