Andrew Ge-Hall

Chief Architect

Andrew Ge-Hall is the head of technological design and integration and oversees cybersecurity measures.

SystemView is inspired by the latest development methods and technologies. While the front-end is intuitive and notably uncluttered, its sophisticated system architecture operates seamlessly in complex and data-rich environments. It draws from diverse healthcare source systems, translates daily operations, resource modelling and corporate reporting into a holistic operational performance management tool. It has close to real-time refresh rates and is available to thousands of users per health service, each with personalised preferences, discussion boards and email/SMS reminders.

Andrew’s extensive knowledge in the following specialties has made SystemView possible - QlikView, Business Objects, Datawarehousing, MS SQL Server 2000-2017, SQL Server Integration Services, Java, Full Stack Devops management, Certified Scrum Master, and more.

He brings over 10 years of experience in software development and business intelligence within the health sector, with a significant accomplishment of designing the architecture behind Gold Coast Health Service’s multi-award winning Management Information System deployed in over 60 hospitals. Remarkably, he concurrently lectured at Ballarat University and several business schools for 15 years.