Brett Thebault

Board Director

Brett has worked across many industries in a consultancy capacity covering the core areas of Business Intelligence including data management, ETL, governance, visualisation/dashboarding and advanced analytics.

Brett is a co-founder and Director of the Aginic group. Brett’s background covers 14 years of Analytics and Business Intelligence across the UK, USA and Australia.

With a solid technical and business grounding, his primary focus for the last few years has been leading teams of business and data analysts in delivering real value in the analytics & BI space. This has involved solving a range of problems including customer value & insight, revenue analysis, data-driven fraud analytics, BI & reporting, data architecture and social network analytics. His expertise spans both the public and private sectors.

Brett’s experience is in helping organisations do two things... Get the ball rolling with BI & analytics. Not through extensive strategy work, but by building rapid tangible solutions in a couple of weeks that deliver that first platform at a very low cost. Extend existing BI investments to focus on the business challenges (rather than IT goals) of an organisation and specifically rapidly change the mindset of the business to become “data driven” and challenge decisions made on anecdotal evidence.