Kate Wylie

Chief Clinical Engagement Officer

Kate Wylie oversees Healthcare Logic’s complete customer journey including: sales, marketing, communications, quality, deployment engagement and end user support. Kate leads a gifted customer success and testing team and injects innovative strategies to deliver a standout value-based offering and service.

Her impressive track record includes conceptionalising and managing the adoption of the Gold Coast Health Service’s multi-award winning Management Information System across 60 public hospitals that saw over 2,700 stakeholders engaged in Queensland with additional executive level management.

Kate draws from a unique depth of knowledge with 10 years of experience in service improvement leadership combined with an additional 10 years in healthcare delivery as an Occupational Therapist. Her talent lies in translating insights gained from reviewing data analytics into solutions and has been responsible for many successful change programs introduced to improve patient and performance outcomes at several health services.

Kate holds a Masters of Business Administration and is a Fellow of Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Emergency and Disaster Management with pertinent research in contemporary models of care within Emergency Departments.