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Powerful Hospital Improvement Software

SystemView is a hospital management information system that integrates and transforms your source data into a powerful tool for performance monitoring and smart decision making.

Use our visualisations and automations to manage hospital demand, activity, patient flow, and more.

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Waiting List, Bookings, Referral Management, and more.

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Demand & Capacity, Emergencies Now, Theatre Effectiveness, and more.

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Emergency Department

Department Now, Flow Monitor, LoS & Bed Capacity Model, and more.

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Inpatients Beds

Bed Capacity Monitor, Ward View, Inpatient Flow Monitor, and more.

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Departments of Health

From Automated KPI Monitoring to Waiting Time Targets, and more.

Empower Your People to

See Change and Solve Real Problems


Get Your Data in One Place

Unite your hospital data systems in one interface so you can see every part of your hospital, collaborate with other teams, and follow the entire patient journey.


See Change at a Glance

Beautiful visualisations, dashboards, and charts make data accessible, engaging, and meaningful — without needing a degree in analytics.


Turn Insights Into Action

Use real-time charts, reports, and alerts to monitor and improve patient flow, waitlists, utilisation, length of stay, and more.

“For us as a leadership team it’s been so easy. It's so user-friendly and it gives you the broad aspect of the whole hospital.”

Bec Tyson

Former Interim Director Network Operations and PerformanceService

Immediate and meaningful

real-time insights


Know Your Situation

Up-to-date data means you always know what’s going on in your hospital or department.


Know What’s Coming

Access trends and predictions to anticipate risk and prepare for demand.


Take Action Sooner

Open individual patient data in just a few clicks to support immediate action.


Solve Problems as a Team

Coordinate patient flow and resources throughout the hospital with unmatched visibility.

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