Surgical teams face a difficult task: treat more patients while elective surgery waitlists increase.

SystemView’s Surgery Domain equips surgery staff with insights that can maximise theatre utilisation, coordinate care across departments, and build a case for funding where it's needed most. 

Optimise Surgery Management

With Actionable Insights

Surgery clinicians, administrative officers, and hospital executives use SystemView’s Surgery Domain to coordinate both scheduled and unscheduled care to manage capacity and improve theatre utilisation.

Book the right patient next
Reduce the backlog of patients awaiting treatment
Minimise the number of long waiting patients
Coordinate planned and unplanned care
Coordinate with inpatient teams to manage bed capacity
Schedule procedures more accurately
Better utilise theatre resources
Adjust resources based on demand
Audit waitlists to improve accuracy and processes 

“Being able to access real-live data we can make decisions 'on the hop' and also see trends that are emerging.”

Sandra Lenehan

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

See It For Yourself

Charts and Features You'll Find Inside Surgery

Waiting Lists

Manage Surgery Waitlists

See surgery waiting list trends, risks, projections, additions, and removals; and generate reports and patient lists.


Demand & Capacity

See the impact of emergency sessions allocations, predict future demand and capacity, and see average demand and capacity over time.


Emergencies Now

See data on emergency surgeries currently required to support risk management and resource allocation.


Monitor Elective Schedule

View the proportion of sessions booked over the next 6 weeks to help determine which patient to book next.


Theatre Effectiveness

Analyse theatre effectiveness with charts on utilisation, knife to skin, DOS cancellations, late starts, early finishes, and late finishes.


Surgery Activity Trends

Explore trends across elective and emergency surgery, broken down by category, specialty, operation type, and more.


Chronological Management

Support chronological booking and audits with charts and lists, including booked in turn, wait times, and treated in turn.


Treated in Time

See charts that analyse the percentage of long waiting patients, patients treated in time, and more.

Configure SystemView to Work For You



Configure SystemView to show data across all hospitals within your department of health or jurisdiction.


Single Domain View

Configure SystemView for a single domain, rather than rolling it out across your entire hospital.


Command Centre

Set up wall-mounted screens that show real-time patient flow data for your emergency department, hospital, or jurisdiction.


Predictive Analytics Service

Work with our predictive analytics team to consult on specific problems, explore opportunities, get a custom-built solution to fit your needs.

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Explore Domains inside SystemView

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Waiting List, Bookings, Referral Management, and more.

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Demand & Capacity, Emergencies Now, Theatre Effectiveness, and more.

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Emergency Department

Department Now, Flow Monitor, LoS & Bed Capacity Model, and more.

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Inpatients Beds

Bed Capacity Monitor, Ward View, Inpatient Flow Monitor, and more.

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Departments of Health

From Automated KPI Monitoring to Waiting Time Targets, and more.

“Fast, hard data that's live enables us to be very agile in allocating the resources where they're needed.”

Prof Deborah Bailey

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

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