Outpatient departments are facing an uphill battle with growing demand and limited resources. 

SystemView’s Outpatients Domain gives staff the insights they need to take control of waitlists and make decisions at every level, from booking the next patient to implementing new strategies. 

Optimise Outpatient Management

With Actionable Insights

Outpatient clinicians, administrators, and hospital management teams use SystemView's Outpatients Domain to understand demand, manage waitlists and improve outcomes. 

Generate patient lists for bookings
Book the right patient next based on risk
Audit waitlists to improve accuracy
Manage at-risk patients
Increase productive appointments
Develop strategies to reduce backlogs
Forecast future waitlist trends
Reduce the number of long waiting patients
Coordinate with elective surgery teams
Analyse and report on performance
Know where to prioritise resources

“We can monitor, we can review, we can develop projects, and we can see what we're doing well. There's no limitations on the skill of the user to play with it, it's very easy.”

Karlene Wilcocks

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

See It For Yourself

Charts and Features You'll Find Inside Outpatients

Waitlist Management

Outpatient Waiting Lists

See waitlist risks and projections, trends, additions, removals, and up-to-date patient target lists for booking and management.

Wait Times

Current Waiting List Wait Times

Get a snapshot of current outpatients wait times, as well the distribution of waiting times by specialty.

Demand & Activity

Demand, Activity and Balance Trends

Monitor clinic capacity and future demand, with a summary of demand and data broken down by category, date, and activity.


Future Booked Appointments

See upcoming appointments, including breakdowns by wait status.


Review Appointments

See charts on upcoming review appointments and generate an up-to-date list of patients that keep coming back.

Clinic Effectiveness


See charts on new/review appointments, follow ups, productive appointments, FTAs, cancellations, discharges, and conversions to elective surgery.

Request Lists


Generate a list of failure to attend (FTA) patients or a list of patients that have requested a review appointment.

Configure SystemView to Work For You



Configure SystemView to show data across all hospitals within your department of health or jurisdiction.


Single Domain View

Configure SystemView for a single domain, rather than rolling it out across your entire hospital.


Command Centre

Set up wall-mounted screens that show real-time patient flow data for your emergency department, hospital, or jurisdiction.


Predictive Analytics Service

Our customers can work with our predictive analytics team to consult on specific problems, explore opportunities, get a custom-built solution to fit your needs.

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Waiting List, Bookings, Referral Management, and more.

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Demand & Capacity, Emergencies Now, Theatre Effectiveness, and more.

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Emergency Department

Department Now, Flow Monitor, LoS & Bed Capacity Model, and more.

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Inpatients Beds

Bed Capacity Monitor, Ward View, Inpatient Flow Monitor, and more.

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Departments of Health

From Automated KPI Monitoring to Waiting Time Targets, and more.

“Seeing the patient journey from a referral to Outpatients all the way through, being able to use all that information and project risk is really important to the clinicians.”

Prof Deborah Bailey

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

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