Health Departments often rely on delayed data to understand the big picture, manage resources, and allocate funding.

JurisdictionView automatically pulls SystemView data from each hospital in your network to show live data, broad trends, performance by hospital or specialty, and charts across key areas like inpatient bed flow, ED capacity, ICU capacity, and surgery waitlists.

Monitor and Manage Your Hospitals

With Actionable Insights

Departments of Health, Health Funding units, and Service Delivery units use JurisdictionView to oversee hospitals in their area so they can understand performance and trends, set (and collaborate on) appropriate targets, and implement strategies that reduce risk.

Actively monitor performance
Compare performance across sites
See change sooner
Identify risk early and implement mitigation strategies
Agree on targets
Understand demand and capacity
Allocate funding and resources
Increase data transparency
Build shared understanding
Monitor waitlist trends
Manage load sharing

“I’ve worked in health for a long, long time and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Ron Calvert

CEO, Gold Coast Hospital & Health Service

See It For Yourself

Charts and Features You'll Find Inside JurisdictionView


Identify and Analyse Trends

Explore trends across Outpatients, Inpatients and day case waiting lists, with trend analysis at a district, facility, and specialty level.


Visualise Performance

See a summary of KPIs across all your hospital groups in a single chart. Explore variation over time, specific components for each KPI, and performance for individual facilities.


Analyse Performance

Visualise the changes to KPIs and investigate underlying data at a hospital group, district, or facility level to target specific areas for improvement.


Regular Update Intervals

Data is updated every day (or every 15 mins) depending on the metric, for early insights into emerging patterns and issues.


Single Page Summary

See a single page comparative summary of performance and early indicators of risk across all available health services and domains, including Outpatients, Surgery, Emergency Departments, and Beds.


Detailed Analyses

Each performance measure visible on the Overview page links to more detailed analyses via components within SystemView’s Explore area.

Configure SystemView to Work For You



Configure SystemView to show data across all hospitals within your department of health jurisdiction.


Single Domain View

Configure SystemView for a single domain, rather than rolling it out across your entire hospital.


Command Centre

Set up wall-mounted screens that show real-time patient flow data for your emergency department, hospital, or jurisdiction.


Predictive Analytics Service

Our customers can work with our predictive analytics team to consult on specific problems, explore opportunities, get a custom-built solution to fit your needs.

Enquire About SystemView

Explore Domains inside SystemView

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Waiting List, Bookings, Referral Management, and more.

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Demand & Capacity, Emergencies Now, Theatre Effectiveness, and more.

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Emergency Department

Department Now, Flow Monitor, LoS & Bed Capacity Model, and more.

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Inpatients Beds

Bed Capacity Monitor, Ward View, Inpatient Flow Monitor, and more.

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Departments of Health

From Automated KPI Monitoring to Waiting Time Targets, and more.

“Now we have innovation in our hands. It's accurate, it's intuitive, it's easy to access, and it looks fantastic.”

Colin Dawson

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

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