Get Started in 4 Steps


Demo & Discovery

Configure SystemView to show data across all hospitals within your department of health or jurisdiction.


Test & Plan

We agree on your configurations and an installation plan, prepare your IT infrastructure to support SystemView, install data mapping, and complete user testing.


Go-Live & Adopt

SystemView is officially live! We support adoption with internal comms activities, training, strategy sessions, onboarding, and more.


Support & Collaborate

We conduct a post-implementation review and identify where we can collaborate. Plus, with ongoing support, we’re always here to help you and your team get the most out of SystemView.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SystemView?

SystemView is a hospital management system that allows hospital staff to visualise data to monitor hospital demand, activity, and patient flow. Find out more here.

Who is SystemView for?

SystemView is designed for clinical teams and managers, booking managers, department directors, hospital boards, and health departments.

How does SystemView compare to other products?

Standard hospital data systems don’t provide the visibility of data, advanced analytics, or beautiful visualisations that you get with SystemView. And advanced business intelligence and data visualisation software isn’t built to solve the specific problems faced by hospitals (or accessible to hospital professionals at every level).

How much does SystemView cost?

The cost varies depending on the domains you need, the number of health services and any custom configurations. After your demo call, we’ll send through custom pricing info based on your requirements.

Do I need to sign up for the full SystemView product?

No. Many of our customers start with our standard product (with 70 components), but some customers choose to go live with a single Domain (e.g. ED) or specific components for a staged rollout.

What type of support does SystemView offer?

From implementation and onboarding to diving deeper into your data — our Hospital Engagement Team are here to make sure you get the most out of SystemView. Flexible support options include access to our Academy, virtual learning, Super User School, detailed user guides, and more.

What’s the standard timeframe from discovery to go-live?

This will depend on the number of domains, health services, and customisations you go live with. We’ll include an estimated timeline when we send through your recommendations.

How do I get started?

Start by requesting a 30 min demo call or contact our team to request more info.

See It For Yourself

Configure SystemView to Work For You



Configure SystemView to show data across all hospitals within your department of health jurisdiction.


Single Domain View

Configure SystemView for a single domain, rather than rolling it out across your entire hospital.


Command Centre

Set up wall-mounted screens that show real-time patient flow data for your emergency department, hospital, or jurisdiction.


Predictive Analytics Service

Our customers can work with our predictive analytics team to consult on specific problems, explore opportunities, get a custom-built solution to fit your needs.

Enquire About SystemView

Explore Domains inside SystemView

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Waiting List, Bookings, Referral Management, and more.

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Demand & Capacity, Emergencies Now, Theatre Effectiveness, and more.

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Emergency Department

Department Now, Flow Monitor, LoS & Bed Capacity Model, and more.

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Inpatients Beds

Bed Capacity Monitor, Ward View, Inpatient Flow Monitor, and more.

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Hospital Networks

From Automated KPI Monitoring to Waiting Time Targets, and more.

“We can see instantly, in real time, how we are doing in the emergency department right through to the elective waiting list.”

Kimberley Pierce

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service