Next generation hospital data analytics for clinical engagement and sustainable performance improvement.

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Every large public hospital experiences the same operational challenges relating to access to services across: outpatient clinics, surgery, emergency departments and inpatient beds.

Introducing SystemView

Convert data into actionable meaning

SystemView, is an interactive and user configurable platform offering an enterprise solution across all four performance domains that automates demand and capacity for improved waitlists, flow, process and resourcing.

Access to this knowledge enables radical change - improves efficiencies, cultures and empowers teams to proactively manage and meet performance targets. Organise big data, forget dashboards, redirect analysts’ efforts to truly innovate.

What our customers say about us

Proven track record

Our algorithms are operating in over 60 hospitals to enhance clinical team engagement and support sustainable performance improvement.

I absolutely rely on this system to tell me what I need to keep an eye on.
A/NUM Specialist Outpatients
This system saves us so much time and replaces a lot of the manual entry we used to do. We now have more time to find solutions.
Clinical Director
Prior to having access, my role was very frustrating due to the lack of meaningful waiting lists that were regularly updated ... having data on tap has made meaningful inroads into my ability to work with clinical departments as we strive to ensure appropriate service for patients.
Relationship Manager
In my personal opinion, this is without doubt the most advanced technology used to inform the delivery of healthcare services.
Service Director
'There's no limitations on the skill of the user, it's a very easy system to navigate, it brings together all aspects of the hospital so we can easily monitor, review, and plan, and we can all work together to make that happen'
Service Improvement Director
The value this system brings to my role is immeasurable, I truly believe my job would be near impossible without this system
Clinical Director
The platform delivers fast hard data that enables us to be agile in allocating resources where they are most needed. This platform could be revolutionary for us in health administration
Chief Operating Officer
This system enables us to have conversations with clinicians that is far more targeted because all the information is in one place
Chief Operating Officer
SystemView is applicable worldwide. It can be standardised to whatever the government KPIs are for a particular area. We worry about long waiting patients - I can see what the situation is and set up alerts to my mobile phone or email. It enables us to have conversations that are far more targeted with clinicians - more dynamic data, more timely information, and see if your strategy is giving you an improvement or not.
A case for change

De-stressing health

The hardest job in the world is even harder when you don’t have the tools you need to make better decisions.

With decades of experience in healthcare, we’ve made it our mission to create a world where you spend no time looking for data and more time improving your clinical system.

A case for change